I had a premonition, I acted on it, starting in November. I shared this information with those in my circle that I knew would accept that my "feeling" was nothing more than that, a deep-seated feeling but that you don't always need more than that. There was no rational, reductionist, explanation for my feeling. Only that we should all prepare for a Black Swan event in early 2020.

One or two people rolled their eyes, a few people half-responded and others followed me in preparing for a 6 month to an 18-month stint of being self-sustaining.

I don't blame anyone who was skeptical. I am thankful that I followed my own intuition because as is often that case with many of us, we tend to be our own harshest critics and skeptics.

This has been eye-opening on so many levels and unfortunately a hard lesson that we all needed on one level or another. I won't go on and on, maybe that's a conversation for us at another time in private, except to say, I cannot disagree with anything you've said in this piece.

Know that there are projects here in the US and Canada that are cooperating to create new spaces that will explore new modes of being. More than that can only be said in private. Be well and I look forward to future transmissions.

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Hello John

An interesting explanation on what is happening in the world at large at the moment & the forseable future for all of us both individually & collectively.

I agree it is testing everyone in very personal ways & from what I have experienced first hand there is a great deal of denial, fear & greed on a scale that took me by surprize. I can understand the uncertainty of what's happening & the frustration of being made to do what doesn't come naturally in daily life, but normalicy has been abliterated & without recognising & embracing change through transformation, lives will be filled with more pain & unnecessary suffering than if they faced the reality of what's happening in front of them with courage & resilience.

I was intrigued by the true nature of resilience is faith. I have tried to put an explanation of what faith is for as long as I can remember as I have mostly been a see it, touch it, feel it kind of girl & found it difficult to understand what faith actually is but looking at it from it being resilience I can relate to the belief of sacrifice & endurance to survive & transform into something greater that's always been within you waiting to be discovered & couldn't have imagined it for yourself until you were tested in such a way to bring it forth & open up your resilience to what you are enduring.

Enjoy your retreat from the world & embrace the unfolding of your story.

Much love 💗

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